Departmental Functions

In order to achieve its objectives, the department carries out two main functions as follow:-


(A) Management Functions

                      i.        To supervise, monitor and control the general administrative machinery of the department;

                     ii.        Training of officers and staffs;

                    iii.        Research and planning


(B) Operational Functions

(i) Enforcement of Labour Laws

                 i.        To conduct statutory inspections to places of employment to ensure the provisions of the labour laws are adhered to by employers and employees;

                ii.        To investigate and settle labour complaints and workmen's compensation claims;

               iii.        To regulate the employment of non-resident employees through the issuance of License To Employ Non-Resident Employees;

              iv.        To conduct special enforcement operations with other enforcement departments/agencies at places of employment where non-resident employees are suspected to be employed.

               v.        To prosecute employers who have contravened the provisions of the labour laws

              vi.        To regulate the employment of children, young persons and females

             vii.        To handle questions and appeals from employers, employees, trade unions and public regarding labour matters.

(ii) Employment Services Division

                 i.        Registration and placement of job seekers; 

                ii.        Career Guidance and advisory services;

               iii.        Employment mobility;

              iv.         Promotional Visits;

               v.         Application for Private Employment Agencies License.

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