With the name of Allah the most generous and merciful

Assalamualaikum and Greetings,

First of all, I would like to welcome to all the browser Department Of Labour Sabah website consists of Department Of Labour  Sabah workers itself, trade unions, employers, investors and the general public. Congratulations to all who directly or indirectly involved to create and making sure in realizing Department Of Labour Sabah website in provide information and making an awareness to all the browser.

Through the site provided, all the company's clients and civil society will certainly get information regarding vision and mission, and everything about services that provided by Department Of Labour Sabah. Apart from it, all the activities that has been or will be implemented by the department are also included in the Department of Labour Sabah website in order to make sure the latest information are provided to the public.

Year 2017 is year of full challenges to all of us especially to Department Of Labour Sabah workers. This kind of uncertain economy and the add-on of assumption made by some parties about the reduction of the workforce at the workplace should be taken seriously and stern action should be made.

Our main focus is ENFORCEMENT and PLACEMENT.

We need to ensure that employers comply with the provisions of the legislation to ensure that the welfare of the employees is always protected.

We also need to make sure job seekers found a proper job. Workers should be paid at least minimum wages according to the Minimum Wages Act. Employers are also strongly encouraged to pay higher wages for those who have skills in certain areas.

Last but not least, let us unite and work together as a team with Responsibility, Trust and Integrity.

Our duty is worship. Get used to the right and fix the common.

Thank you and regards.




Department of Labour Sabah



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